About Me

About Me



Having a dance background, I learned the importance of breath and movement - and have always felt an emotional and spiritual connection to the two. My yoga journey started over 20 years ago. I invited God into my yoga practice as I began to hear from Him while practicing. This interaction was the game changer. Connecting to God on (and off) the mat became a necessary part of my day.

I am a 200-hour certified Holy Yoga® instructor with additional trainings in Trauma-Sensitive (60-hour), Chair (20-hour) and Touch (20-hour).

Now more than ever we need to stay connected to our Creator. God tells us to meditate on His Word (Ps. 1:2) day and night. Some of us can meditate and connect better through movement. Daily meditating on God’s word through breath and movement is a great way to keeping a healthy, balanced, Christ-centered life. My goal in class is to help aid in that journey.

When I’m not doing yoga, you can find me chasing after my three young, energy-filled kids. Keeping my culinary passion alive by cooking for my family. Creatively connecting with my hubby. Trying to keep my garden alive. Volunteering time and talent with people who are sharing the Good Word. And being the best witness of the love, grace, mercy, and compassion of Jesus Christ.